Mr. Zanker is a Licensed Professional Counselor , Nationally Certified Counselor , and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist that can help you: Gain Meaning and Purpose through Life’s Strivings and Challenges; With my BA in Psychology from UNCW, MA in Service Agency Counseling from UNCP, years of Life and Counseling Experience, you will be in Excellent Confidential Care, as you apply proven Psychological Concepts to your life. We hold on to problems too long as it is uncomfortable disclosing our innermost thoughts. Our tensions, and problems compound as a result. Regaining Perspective in the trusting environment I provide, can help you immensely. I utilize many different techniques and theories, and enjoy assisting others gain a better Sense-Of Self and Control, so that strength can be derived from adversity, and fears can be turned into positive energy. Being artistic, I apply such helps towards seeing how to best help you, regardless of age. I have an introspective nature and keen understanding of the human spirit. Life is difficult, but by gaining perspective through Professional Counseling, healing can occur; you can flourish. We make our own possibilities, with help from others. I assist many to gain footholds, make plans, and progress onward to their future. Determine your Positive Traits and Place In Life. Find a Deeper Purpose that satisfies yourself, makes the world a better place, and assists you to live in a state of Gratified-Peace, and in a more fully functioning manner. Live Your Life Fully Again!